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Central User Account (Uni Account)

With a Central User Account at Philipps-Universität Marburg you can use a variety of centrally provided IT services, see scope of services.

Target group

Students, staff, guests


  • Affiliation with Philipps-Universität Marburg (cf. § 37 HessHG (2021)), or
  • affiliation with an associated institution (e.g. affiliated institute), or
  • Participation in events hosted by (or on the premises of) Philipps-Universität Marburg (or its affiliated institutions).

Application procedure


  • Support and help

    Student assistants provide advice in the PC rooms and the University Library in the city, or at the IT service desk of the University Computer Center on the Lahnberge, see contact points.

    You can get help by phone at 06421 28-28282, or by email at . Please specify your account name and the subject in the subject line when making inquiries.

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  • Worth knowing

    Grafik: M. Haim

    Since the summer semester of 1995, the University Computer Center has been providing a Central User Account as a so-called “Internet Account” for all interested students and, since the winter semester of 1996, also for all professors and staff members upon request. The scope of services initially included an e-mail inbox, static web space and modem/ISDN access. In subsequent years, numerous other personalized IT services were added. Of the services initially offered, only the e-mail inbox has been retained to this day.

    A Central User Account is either personalized (i.e. permanently bound to a natural person) or assigned on a function-related basis (i.e. usable by changing persons). The use of personal accounts by other persons is not permitted!

    Currently, a distinction is made between Student Accounts and Staff Accounts. However, this distinction will be eliminated in the future. Already today, both account types are assigned to numerous user groups and provided with individual authorizations.

    Additional user accounts are required for some services operated by the University Computer Center, see Service Category User Accounts.