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Terms of Use

For the use of the Central User Account (Uni Account) the regulations of the University Computer Center (German) apply, especially the

We want to draw your special attention to the following rules:

  • Personal accounts may only be used by the owner. The password must always be kept secret and changed frequently.
  • Any commercial use is prohibited, as well as advertising for associations, political groups or commercial products. Private use is tolerated to a small extent.
  • The email inbox belonging to the account should be checked regularly. When forwarding emails to a private email address, it must be ensured that the university's emails can be properly delivered there.
  • In addition, the following applies: When using information from third parties, copyright law must be observed; with regard to the dissemination of your own information, contract law (liability for the content) must be observed.

Please keep in mind that all your activities on the Internet leave traces. Almost all servers on the Internet record usage data, including those of the University of Marburg. In case of account misuse, there is a risk of claims for damages, possibly also criminal prosecution.