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Central User Account for Staff Members (Staff-Account)

As an employee of Philipps-Universität or an affiliated institution (including external users), you can use a variety of centrally provided IT services with your personal staff account. The scope of services varies depending on the user group.

The account will be requested by your department/institution at the time of your employment or by yourself during the first working days and the access data will usually be sent to your official address:

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Checklist: What do I have to consider when filling out the PDF form?Checklist: What do I have to consider when filling out the PDF form?

    Please complete the application step by step, paying particular attention to the following instructions:

    • Was an up-to-date application form downloaded?
    • Has the application been edited in Adobe Reader (or similar software) and filled out legibly on the screen?
    • Are the personal details complete?
    • Is the date of birth indicated?
    • Is the contact information complete? Please enter only official and no private information!
    • Is the employment relationship (e.g. contract with the State of Hessen, represented by Philipps-Universität Marburg or UKGM Marburg) correctly indicated?
    • If there is no employment relationship: Is a reason given?
    • Has the application been printed and properly signed?
    • Is a legible name and date indicated next to each signature?
    • Has the affiliation confirmation been read and checked off?
    • Was the application legibly submitted to the University Computer Center? If emailing, please scan in monochrome black and white only, no photos or grayscale!
  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Note for doctoral studentsNote for doctoral students

    Doctoral students please enter the working group of their doctoral supervisor under service contact data and have the confirmation of affiliation signed by their doctoral supervisor. In addition, you must have self-registered in Marvin as a doctoral candidate in advance (and the acceptance must have been confirmed by the promotion office). Important: The provision of an account before formal acceptance as a doctoral candidate (e.g. for writing an exposé) is not possible for licensing reasons, but you are welcome to use the anonymous research PCs on site in the University Library for literature research in online media.

    Annual renewal of doctoral status: Annually from October to December you have to confirm in Marvin that your (contact) data is still up to date and that you continue to pursue your doctoral project. You will also receive a reminder email from the Marvin team for this purpose in early October.
    Please log in at with your staff account using the item "Login with university account" (Anmelden mit Uni-Account). Then follow the menu items "User information" (Benutzer-Informationen) - "View own data" (Eigene Daten ansehen) and check there if the deposited data are correct. You can make corrections to your contact data yourself in the "Contact data" (Kontaktdaten) tab.
    Then please follow the menu items "Studies offered" (Studienangebot) - "Doctorate" (Promotion) and there the link "Update doctorate data" (Aktualisierung Promotionsdaten). Then confirm that your data is up to date.
    Just a few working days after your confirmation, your existing Uni-Account (Staff) will be extended, without the need to fill out a written application.

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Note for external peopleNote for external people

    External employees can either enter an organizational unit of the Philipps-University Marburg or their own company address. The confirmation of affiliation must be signed by an employee of the Philipps-University Marburg (or an affiliated institution).

    The access data will be sent in-house as a letter to the respective work group. External delivery is not possible, but you can use our password reset options (see FAQ).

    There is a separate application process for external lecturers in the faculty of medicine.

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Exceptions: What you cannot use the central user account forExceptions: What you cannot use the central user account for

    At workstation PCs in offices of the university the Staff Account does not work, there you need a locally managed workstation account (AD-Account). The Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics and the School of Medicine as well as the University Administration also offer local e-mail services and/or web space. Your responsible IT administrator will be happy to advise you.

    Einige IT-Dienste (z.B. Marvin, Elektronische Medien, Software-Angebot) Some IT services (e.g. Marvin, Electronic Media, Software Offer) are linked to the central user account, but for legal reasons are only available to certain persons or user groups. Some authorizations must also be applied for separately. More details are documented in the description of the respective IT service.

Target group



You belong to at least one of the following user groups:

Employees of the Philipps-University Marburg:

  • Civil servants or employees covered by collective bargaining agreements
    (State of Hesse, represented by Philipps-University Marburg or UKGM Marburg)
  • apl. Professoren/-innen
  • Honorary professors
  • Private lecturers
  • Habilitation students
  • Lecturers (except FB 20, see external lecturers at the School of Medicine)
  • PhD students (formal acceptance and self-registration in Marvin required)
  • Guest scientists
  • Scholarship holders
  • Interns

Employees of an affiliated institution:

  • Archivschule Marburg
  • AWMF-Institut für med. Wissensmanagement (AWMF-IMWi)
  • Forschungsstelle für Personalschriften
  • Hans-von-Soden-Institut (HvSI)
  • Herder-Institut (HI)
  • Hessisches Landesamt für Geschichtliche Landeskunde (HLGL)
  • Hessisches Staatsarchiv Marburg (HStAM)
  • Institut für Genossenschaftswesen (IfG)
  • Katholisch-theologisches Seminar (KS)
  • Studentenwerk Marburg
  • Von Behring-Röntgen-Stiftung

The above mentioned institutions are only provided with some basic IT services by the University Computer Center, access to external software and online media is usually not possible.

External employees:

You work as an external employee for Philipps-Universität Marburg or an affiliated institution, e.g.

  • Company
  • Contractor
  • Cooperation partner
  • Employee of another university

There is a separate application process for external lecturers in the School of Medicine.


Some account actions (e.g. changing a password or email address) can be easily done by yourself for your existing Staff Account via web form:

Written requests are required for the following actions: