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The University Computer Center provides a basic software equipment that is free of charge for research and teaching. This offer is enhanced by centrally procured licenses which are partly available campus-wide and partly for individual departments or in selected PC rooms.

If you would like to use proprietary software for business purposes beyond that you should check whether Philipps-Universität Marburg has already concluded a license agreement for the product before purchasing it. If you purchase or install software yourself you should be familiar with the basics of handling licenses.

  • Licensing correctly

    Any installation of software on a device of the university requires that the use of the software complies with the conditions of the copyright holder. If you install or request software via software distribution you must first ensure that the use is covered by license agreements. The terms and conditions can be found on the subpage of the respective product or on the linked pages of the manufacturers.

    The university is obliged to be able to prove the correct licensing of the products used at any time. In most license agreements for proprietary software so-called audit rights are granted which allow the manufacturer to verify compliance with his terms of use.

    Most software at the university is licensed exclusively for use in research and teaching. The stricter regulations depend on the manufacturer but it is usually the case that no profit-making intention may stand behind the use. In some cases the use for infrastructure operation and administration is also not included.

  • Procuring correctly

    To avoid unnecessary costs first check whether your usage scenario is already covered by a campus contract. Also check whether you can use an already licensed or a free alternative to your desired product.

    If there is no suitable product under a campus contract check the framework contracts and central contracts. The procurement process is described on the subpages of the products and can be done either internally via the University Computer Center, a trading partner or any dealer.

    If no contracts exist for your desired product and you need a large volume please contact the with your request.

    In all other cases please carry out your own procurement and follow the instructions for correct licensing and the handling of proprietary software on this page.

    Every procurement is carried out according to the procurement manual of the university's material management department “Beschaffungshandbuch der Materialwirtschaft“ (uni-internal).

  • Dealing with proprietary software

    The transfer of software in the form of installation files as well as activation information to third parties is strictly prohibited. Many manufacturers use technical measures that allow simple conclusions about the offending institution or person.

    The central software distribution or the responsible IT personnel of the departments and facilities carry out all installations.

    Installations on private devices are only allowed if the terms of use of the respective software explicitly allow this.

    If a device is replaced or software is used on another device for any other reason, please ensure that regulations for the transfer of the license are complied with and, above all, that you remove the existing installation beforehand.

    Please also keep all purchase receipts, certificates and other proofs of purchase for the commercial period of 10 years.

Campus contracts grant rights of use of a software to a group of persons, e.g. individual institutions or the entire university. The university usually pays a package price for these rights of use.

Framework agreements allow for more favorable conditions when purchasing certain software licenses, usually by merging several universities.

Central license agreements that do not belong to either of the two categories offer advantages such as volume discounts for products distributed at Philipps-Universität Marburg.

Your benefit

  • free rights of use or lower prices
  • access to products from volume licensing agreements

Target group

  • Employees, students, guests
  • The individual contracts cover different groups of people.


  • Software licensed via campus contracts may be used free of charge in the authorized areas
  • Framework agreements and other centralized licensing agreements allow the acquisition at more favorable conditions

For details please refer to the pages of the individual products.

Contracts by category (uni-internal)


The requirements depend on the individual contracts.