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Windows Workstation

The University Computer Center offers everything you need for your Windows workstation (currently Windows 10 Education):

  • Hardware selection - Within the framework contracts, you can choose different computers, monitors, laptops.
  • Procurement - The procurement of hardware and the necessary software licenses for the operating system and, if necessary, other licensed software is handled by the IT administration of your department or institution. The University Computer Center only procures so-called campus licenses (e.g. virus scanner, literature administration) centrally for the university.
  • Registration of devices in the university network - For the wired connection of devices to the university network (Internet), the device must be registered. This is done by the network administrator of the department or institution.
  • Automatic installation and software maintenance – The University Computer Center provides an automated installation of the operating system (currently Windows-10 Education) including updates, virus protection and a variety of software applications used at the university to support the IT administration in the departments and institutions.
  • File service - Central storage of your data with personal and/or shared access for groups, which you can access with your workstation account.
  • Data Backup - Regular backup of your centrally stored files including your own recovery option

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