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Workstation Account (AD Account)

University employees can receive a workstation account (AD account) in addition to a central user account (Uni account).

While central user accounts are standardized, workstation accounts allow for more individual adjustments, which can be arranged according to the requirements of the departments and institutions.

A workstation account is, among other things, necessary for the login to a Windows workstation.

If you want to receive, extend or deactivate an AD account, please contact your department’s IT administrator.

Your advantages

Login to a computer

  • With your workstation account, you can login to every Windows computer your department or institution provides.
  • With your workstation account, you can login to all public computer pools and demo PCs of the University Computer Center.
  • Every computer you log in to will show your personal workstation environment with your settings and data (so-called Roaming Profiles).

Your personal home directory

  • You have a personal network directory (home directory) assigned to the drive letter H:.
  • Use your home directory to save personal files.
  • Data stored on the home directory is saved frequently.

Group directory

  • In the network directory K:, you can find a network directory for group folders.
  • In the group directory, you can find the group folders that are shared with you.
  • Group folders are created by the IT administrators and can be used for collaborative work in different work areas.
  • Data stored on the group directory is saved frequently.

Network printers

  • You are automatically enabled to use the network printers assigned to you
  • Network printers are individually enabled by the IT administrators.

Target group



A central user account (Uni-account) that is the eponym of an AD account.


  • Support and help

    For the setup and maintenance of your workstation account (e.g. setting a password) please contact your department’s or institution’s IT administrator. In case of further questions, contact the IT Servicedesk of the University Computer Center.

  • Worth knowing

    Workstation accounts are stored in the university’s Active Directory domain: “AD.Uni-Marburg.DE”.A central user account (Uni-account) is the eponym of an AD account. Even though the user names are the same, they arestill separate accounts.There are special requirements for setting a password to a workstation account.