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Two-factor authentication (2FA) in the VPN

Instructions for use with the VPN

Please note: The password now consists of 2 components:

  1. your personal secret user password and
  2. the second security feature (token).

Proceed as follows to enter your access data:

    • Enter the username of your university account (staff account) as usual.
    • In the password field, enter your personal user password without continuing with the usual login procedure. Remain in the password field.
    • Now enter the second security feature directly after the user password. (YubiKey, TAN from the TAN list or OTP (one-time password), e.g.
      • YubiKey: By briefly (1 second) touching the green lit button (y) of your YubiKey located in the USB port.
      • TAN list: By typing in a valid TAN

        Example: Password=S!ch3r3sPW + Token=987654 ➔ S!ch3r3sPW987654

      • OTP via app: By typing in a valid one-time password that you see in the app on your smartphone.

        Example: Password=S!ch3r3sPW + Token=987654 ➔ S!ch3r3sPW987654

  • With the YubiKey token, the login usually takes place automatically; with TAN tokens or app tokens, you confirm the entry as usual by clicking on "OK" or "Login".

Detailed information on two-factor authentication, the use of the 2FA service and the 2FA-portal can be found here.