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Setting up Eduroam on iOS

Removal of previous WiFi credentials for eduroam and UMRnet_staff

If your iOS device has been connected to eduroam or umrnet_staff, the credentials for these WiFi networks must be removed first. Please follows these steps:

1. Tap Settings.
2. Check if there is a setting called Profiles (located under Settings→General in some iOS versions).
3. If so, tap it and remove the old network profile for eduroam.
4. Tap Settings→WiFi.
5. Check in the wiFi network (SSIDs), if you device still connects to eduroam or umrnet_staff
(blue checkmark left to network name).
6. If so, tap the blue encircled ⓘ-Symbol right to the network name and tap "Forget this network"
7. Once your iOS device does not connect to eduroam or umrnet_staff any more, you may proceed with the fresh setup as laid out in the next section.

WiFi (fresh setup) with Apple MacOS X and iOS

Organisational Prerequisites

You have a valid Internet account on or

You have username (i.e. or and password ready for your account.

Settings/Import of Network Profile

In order to configure your Apple device for LAN and WiFi access, please use the profiles provided by (CAT = Configuration Assistant Tool).

1. Establish an Internet connection by other means (e.g. mobile data).

2. Start Safari and visit auf. You should find Philipps-Universität Marburg pre-selected as your home institution. Make sure you select the correct user group (Students oder Staff).

3. Download the profile (file type .mobileconfig.Attention: Your profile is only valid for eight minutes)

4. In your Download-Folder, double click the downloaded file, this will trigger the import of the profile.

5. When prompted, enter username (short version sill suffice despite the dialog claiming otherwise) and password, possibly more than once ("Enterprise network eduroam" or "Wired Enterprise network").

6. To make the new settings effective, authenticate with your local user account.