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Call for Proposals for Mobility Grants for Doctoral Candidates in Cotutelle de thèse or Bi‐national Doctoral Procedures

Program Objective

Philipps‐Universität Marburg sees itself as a cosmopolitan and internationally active university. In the dynamic process of internationalization, the university pursues the goal of strengthening and promoting the framework conditions for internationally networked thinking and acting in the key areas of research, study and teaching as well as in the administrative field. Cotutelle or bi‐national doctoral programs are an important element of the internationalization of the doctoral phase and an attractive offer to attract excellent doctoral students from abroad, especially and also within the framework of strategic cooperations of Philipps‐Universität and its departments.

Within the framework of a project financed by the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts, the "Marburg International Doctorate" is being consistently expanded for career stage R1 in order to a) create internationally competitive and attractive doctoral conditions, and b) offer doctoral candidates optimal doctoral conditions and ensure their academic success.

Application procedure

The application must include the following information:

  1. application form
  2. complete curriculum vitae in tabular form (max. 3 A4 pages)
  3. brief description of the planned doctoral project (max. two A4 pages) as well as the planned stay abroad at the partner institution (incl. time and work schedule)
  4. copies of the university certificates (highest degree)/transcript of records
  5. informal confirmation of contact with the potential supervisor at the partner location OR copy of the cotutelle de thèse agreement with the participating institution
  6. cost calculation

Application materials may be submitted in one PDF file, via email to .


A selection committee consisting of representatives of the President's Office of the Philipps‐Universität Marburg, the MARA and the Departments I and VI will decide on the applications.

Central selection criteria are:

  • Quality of the research project as well as the preparation (originality, topicality and relevance of the project, choice of the host institution and establishment of contact)
  • Feasibility of the stay abroad as well as consistency of the work and time schedule
  • Integration of the stay abroad into the overall doctoral project (in terms of content/time).
  • Furthermore, additional documents submitted that prove the applicant's professional suitability or provide information about extracurricular activities can also be included in the evaluation.
  • In order to ensure equal opportunities, the selection committee may also take into account special life circumstances, which you can specify in the application form.


If you have questions regarding the application procedure, please contact:
Dezernat VI
Ms Sandy Halliday
06421-28 26 473


  • Doctorate in the Cotutelle de thèse procedure

    Funding of bi‐national doctoral projects at the home university and at a foreign university according to the so‐called Cotutelle procedure. The prerequisite is a cooperation agreement that is concluded individually between the participating universities on the doctoral project to be supervised. After successful completion of the doctorate, UMR and the foreign partner university jointly award a doctoral degree and issue two individual certificates referencing each other.

  • Doctorate with bi‐national supervision

    The doctorate is supervised by a professor from both the home university and the partner university (so‐called "sandwich model"). The project must be coordinated with both supervisors. The doctorate is started in the home country, followed by research stays at the partner institution. The doctorate is completed in the home country with the participation of the foreign academic supervisor; the doctoral degree is awarded by the home university.