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Working Group 25 European Integration (2011–)

The Working Group European Integration was founded in May 2011. Its focus is on the question of conveyance of policy, economy, and (civil) society in the European context.

Structural transformations, interests, strategies and ideas of central state and private stakeholders are examined, as are fundamental contradictions and conflicts in the European integration process from the perspective of a critical social research (for example, critical International Political Economics, feministic approaches, post-structuralist theories).

The goal of the Working Group is to support, in an interdisciplinary manner, independent research projects by students, students working on their graduation thesis and doctoral candidates via independent working associations, university courses, and by organizing meetings and conferences.

The Working Group is open to anyone interested, and it meets regularly every 14 days during the semester within the context of the Forschungsgruppe Europäische Integration (FEI) meetings.

There are also meetings and workshops in addition to the above that meet irregularly. Topics, times and dates can be obtained by contacting the FEI by e-mail.

Past Events

Conference: Feministic Perspectives on the State and the EU in Crises

On October 18 and 19, 2012, the expert conference on "Feministic Perspectives on the State and the EU in Crises" took place in Marburg on the invitation of the Forschungsgruppe Europäische Union in cooperation with the Zentrum für Gender Studies und feministische Zukunftsforschung.

Program (PDF)