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PhD/Postdoc Meeting 2022 "Science Communication"

PhD students sit around a table and discuss
Photo: Rolf K. Wegst

The annual meeting of doctoral candidates offers young researchers from Marburg the opportunity to network across disciplines. In 2022, the meeting will be held jointly with the UMR postdocs to give both groups the opportunity to network with each other. In a relaxed atmosphere, the participants can expand their skillset and exchange ideas - about their research topics, but also about everyday life as academics in the qualification phase.
In terms of content, the meeting will focus on the topic of "science communication" and provide know-how on various formats. In the afternoon, there will be five parallel workshops, and in the evening, the meeting will end with an information panel and an English keynote. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to get together in a beer garden atmosphere.
This year's PhD/Postdoc Meeting will take place on 13th Sept. 2022 in the Hörsaalgebäude (Biegenstraße 14).

Participation is ONLY possible with registration. Please register by 05th Sept. 2022 at and let us know which of the five workshops you would like to attend.

We are planning the event in presence. Should the regulations on infection prevention become stricter, the event will take place hybrid or digitally.

The hashtag for the event: #PromTag22


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