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Day of Scientists

On the 28th October the Day of Scientists will take place in the lecture room of the university library.

At the event, young scientists take centre stage. The Marburg University Research Academy (MARA) will be introduced and the best dissertations will be awarded with prizes as well as the best supervision of dissertations. The awardees of the dissertation prices will present their research findings shortly. The awardees of the best supervision will refer, what a successful supervision of dissertations is about. Science slams will loosen up the ceremonial act. The cycle of the event is projected as follows:

2:00 pm: beginning of the event, moderated by Katja John

2:15 pm: short welcoming speech by the vice president of equalization and promotion of junior scientists Prof. Dr. Sabine Pankuweit

The executive director of MARA Prof. Dr. Paultheo von Zezschwitz and the managing director Dr. Ines Braune will give a brief insight and outlook on the promotion of junior scientists at the university of Marburg

2:40 pm: science slam (Janina Otto)

2:50 pm: award ceremony for the best dissertations at Marburg university and presentation of the research findings

3:45 pm: science slam (Dr. Maik Luu)

15:55: award ceremony for the best supervisions of dissertations and interviws with the awardees

4:30 pm: end of the event

The event will be broadcasted live from the lecture room of the university library. All  interested persons are warmly invited to follow the event online on Wednesday, 12 October at 2 pm. You can follow the event online under this link.

A participation in person is due to the current situation not possible. We thank you for your understanding.

The day of scientist take place for the first time and first with the present and necessary hygiene rules. We greatly hope, that we can pursue this event in another form in the following years.

Basically the event is planned as a big information and networking event for young scientist of the Marburg university. Beside of the appreciation of outstanding academic achievements this event is to be a day were all doctoral candidates, postdocs and supervisiors have the possibility for interdisciplinary exchange and networking. In a relaxed atmosphere researchers and  
lectures can interchange about the scientific qualification process, interdisciplinary topics but also about challenges in the academic workaday life.

The awardees of the dissertation prices 2020 are:

  • Dr. Jessica Wilde, Department 03
  • Dr. Theresa Roth, Department 10
  • Dr. Lars Bannow, Department 13
  • Dr. Benedikt Klein, Department 15
  • Dr. Laura Czech, Department 17

The awardees of the price for the best supervision of dissertations are:

  • Prof. Dr. Kathrin Siebold, Department 09
  • Prof. Dr. Gert Bange, Synmikro 



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