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Individual Writing Consultation

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In addition to our workshops, doctoral candidates with MARA membership have the opportunity to discuss their individual writing-related questions and issues in a confidential meeting with a writing consultant. No matter whether they are at the beginning or an advanced stage of their dissertation, the individual writing consultation offers the possibility of addressing individual concerns and strengthening writing skills. The writing issues addressed here can, for instance, refer to:

  • Specific issues concerning the structure and organization of your dissertation.
  • The improvement of your personal writing style and academic style of expression.
  • Specific information on suitable writing techniques.
  • Assistance with writing problems, such as writer's block or over-commitment to writing.

You can send a text passage to the consultant beforehand (five pages max.), which will be analyzed according to a previously identified aspect. You will then receive feedback in the consultation.

The consultation is available to doctoral candidates who are members of MARA and is free of charge. Each consultation lasts 45–90 minutes. The consultation sessions take place by appointment at the Language Center (Sprachenzentrum) at Biegenstraße 12.


Dr. Fabienne Quennet
Language Center
Tel: +49 (0)6421 28 21350

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