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Writing is the basic form of communication in science. Oriented to the essential steps of writing, our Writing Lab teaches writing and working techniques that can be used to support and optimize the writing process. The main components are workshops on scientific writing as well as on writing scientific publications in German as well as in English. Wherever it has proven useful, the workshops are related to the humanities and social sciences or the life and natural sciences. In addition, there is the possibility of individual consultation.

The MARA Writing Lab first and foremost addresses doctoral candidates of all university faculties, some selected courses also target postdocs.

  • Workshops

    Writing Module

    In this module, MARA offers once a year a two-day, interdisciplinary overview workshop on scientific writing from drafting to submitting a dissertation in German. 

    In addition, there are several half-day short workshops for the targeted examination of individual topics of scientific writing.

    Once a year, MARA offers a workshop on scientific writing in English, separated according to subject groups.

    In our Writing Retreat, which will be taken in German and English, doctoral students have the opportunity to devote themselves intensively to writing their research work. In the process, you will be supported by the other participants and a professional writing coach in achieving a self-imposed goal, such as completing a chapter.

    In addition, doctoral students from the humanities and social sciences have the opportunity to attend writing courses on writing formats frequently required in this subject group in different forms and characteristics (e.g., for writing a synopsis or a research design or for preparing research results).

    Publishing Module

    The Publishing Module first deals with the procedure of publishing in Germany or in English-speaking countries. For this purpose, MARA offers courses that address procedural questions about the publication process in Germany in German and in English-speaking countries in English.

    In addition, writing courses on writing publications in English for the respective subject group are part of the offer.

    All workshops can be taken individually or in combination.

    Please refer to our calendar of events for the dates of the workshops. The courses are marked there as "Schreibwerkstatt" or "Writing Lab".

  •  Individual Writing Consultation

    As a supplement to our workshops, MARA doctoral members have the opportunity to clarify their individual questions and concerns in a confidential conversation with a writing consultant. Individual writing consultations are available at the beginning of the PhD as well as at an advanced stage to address personal concerns, strengthen their writing skills, and guide the writing process.

    Please note, the individual writing consultation is offered in German only.
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