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Conference Organization

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MArburg University Research Academy (MARA) supports its members in organizing academic events. To this end, MARA grants a limited amount of funding for the organization of academic conferences, colloquia, lecture series, and similar events.

MARA makes a special effort to support its academic groups and encourages them to initiate academic conferences and presentations.

Disclaimer: It is important to note that this format supports the organization of scientific conferences at the Philipps-University Marburg and no individual trips to external conferences or congresses.

  • How is funding provided?

    Within the limits of its financial means, MARA can offer funding for the above-mentioned events in the amount of up to max. 1500,00 EUR.

    Upon application, up to an additional 250 EUR can be granted for childcare arrangements.

    Funding is granted for events that primarily benefit doctoral candidates and postdocs, especially those in Marburg. Eligible are conferences, seminars, lectures, colloquia in Marburg or virtual events. Therefore, the three main criteria for funding are as follows:

    • Funding can only be granted if it is apparent that the planning and realization of the event are mainly in the hands of doctoral candidates and postdocs of Philipps-Universität Marburg.
    • The content and elements of the conference should relate, specifically and individually, to the interests of doctoral candidates and postdocs in Marburg.
    • Funding is provided for group events with open access, i.e., events that are open to attendance by members of other working groups or universities as well; for instance, colloquia with restricted attendance cannot be funded under this program.

    Conference funding can, for instance, be used for the following items:

    • Speakers' travel and accommodation expenses
    • Speaker fees
    • Costs of printing flyers and posters
  • What cannot be funded?

    The following conference formats cannot be funded:

    • This line of funding cannot be used to support individual conference participation; for this purpose, travel assistance is available.
    • The content and elements of the conference should relate, specifically and individually, to the interests of doctoral candidates and postdocs in Marburg. For this reason, the regular conferences of national or international academic societies and similar events are excluded from funding.
    • Colloquia with restricted attendance cannot be funded under this program.
    • Events at other universities or in other cities are not supported.

    The following items cannot be funded:

    • Publication costs
    • Catering costs
    • Fees of speakers who are members of or affiliated with Philipps-Universität Marburg
  • Funding for Care

    Funding for care is available for the organizing team to provide childcare for children up to one year old, for older children younger than age 15 outside of the regular operating hours of childcare centers, for nonresidents also during regular operating hours, and/or care of relatives in need of care, as documented by a medical certificate, to the extent that this care is not provided by relatives. These funds can be used, for instance, to pay for a caregiver on an hourly basis outside of the regular hours of public childcare services and for nonresidents also during regular hours. Philipps-Universität Marburg's family service offers practical information and tips for arranging childcare.

  • Application

    Informal applications can be submitted by e-mail () year-round but must be received by MARA at least three months prior to the first day of the conference. Please include a short proposal with an explanatory statement, a detailed cost plan (showing the items to be funded by MARA) and contact information for the contact persons.

    Funding will be granted up to a specified amount for each individual item. Please list each set of related items individually (e.g., printing costs). In case of larger conferences, applicants are required to document that they are also seeking funding from other sources.

  • Additional Information

    Please note that once funding is granted, any exceedance of the approved amount requires a new application. Reallocating funds among individual items within the limits of the amount of funding approved or dedicating funds to any other than the approved purposes invariably requires submitting an application for the redesignation of funds. A redesignation of funds is only possible in the event of unexpected changes and only once per instance of funding. The sole exception is minor reallocations of up to 50 EUR, which can be approved informally by the MARA Managing Director upon consultation. For billing purposes, we ask you to send the original receipts to the address below if possible.

    When booking rooms at the university, please make sure that the event is declared as a 'research workshop' so that no room fee is charged.

    Please let us have your reckoning not later than six weeks after the event. The last date, up to which a reckoning is possible, is November 15th of the calendar year. Approval of conference funding rests with the Members Committee for Travel Assistance and Conference Organization MARA.


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