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MARA seeks to provide its members with additional opportunities to engage in university-wide networking beyond the existing bodies and offerings already provided through the MARA program. For this purpose, MARA encourages its members to meet on a voluntary basis and form self-organized groups under the umbrella of MARA. These groups provide a complement, on the basis of shared academic interest, to MARA's extracurricular offerings and can revolve around common objectives such as research-specific networking, support, courses and events, conferences, and much more. All of these forums are asked to operate on an interdisciplinary basis if possible.

The so-called academic groups under the umbrella of MARA all have in common that they are self-organized on a voluntary basis. They are established by their members and can, as a rule, be integrated in MARA if the majority of their members and their leaders have MARA membership. An informal application can be submitted to the Steering Committee via the MARA Managing Director. The groups organize courses and events on their own. They are, however, provided the opportunity to present themselves on the MARA website. MARA is also happy to provide meeting space on its premises, as space allows, and assistance in distributing information through its mailing list. The academic groups are further welcome to apply for conference funding offered by MARA.

Doctoral candidates at Philipps-Universität have come together and formed working groups around specific topics and issues according to their needs. The following working groups are currently active at MARA:

Working Group 17 Marburg Art History Doctoral Forum (2009–)
Working Group 18 Interdisciplinary Literary Studies Colloquium (2008–)
Working Group 22 Media Studies Colloquium (2009–)
Working Group 25 European Integration (2011–)
Working Group 27 Qualitative Research Interdisciplinary Interpretation Group (2010–)
Working Group 29 Linguistics (2013–)
Working Group 31 Interpretive Video Analysis (formerly Body and Movement – Qualitative Approaches) (2015–)
Working Group 33 Doctoral Law Colloquium (2016–)
Working Group 35 Open Science Initiative University Marburg (2018–)
Working Group 36 Academic Language and Academic Communication in German (2019–)
Working Group 37 Psychology and Linguistics: Research and Practice (2020–)


Dr. Ines Braune
MArburg University Research Academy (MARA)
Managing Director
Tel.: +49 (0)6421 28 21310