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Working Group 18 Interdisciplinary Literary Studies Colloquium (2008–)

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The goal of the Interdisciplinary Literary Studies Colloquium is to provide young scholars from all philological disciplines an interdisciplinary forum for the exchanging of ideas and for presenting qualification projects. In the literary studies sections there are, if present at all, forums primarily for the section's own national language(s), but these forums are generally not publicized outside of the individual branch. Since there is overlapping of methodology and theory between branches, it would appear to make sense to encourage a stronger interdisciplinary collaboration in literary studies. Within the framework of the colloquium, literary scholars can initiate discussion on relevant questions of the "field" (for example, on the basis of a suggested reading) or alternatively present their projects in the form of a presentation. The semester program is decided on at the beginning of the semester on the basis of submitted proposals.


Program Archive of the Interdisciplinary Literary Studies Colloquium