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Working Group 35 Open Science Initiative University Marburg (2018–)

The Open Science Initiative University Marburg is a working group that spans all departments and is open to all members of the university that are interested in the topic of open and sustainable science. Our focus is on the replicability, comprehensibility, accessibility, and openness of research as well as an interactive and open design of teaching. In addition, we would like to promote fair and cooperative collaboration by means of open access to resources such as open-source software, data, and methods. 

The Open Science Initiative University Marburg seeks to encourage the sharing of knowledge and experiences with open-science practices at Philipps-Universität Marburg. Just as important to us is forming a platform where members of Philipps-Universität can easily learn and practice the use of these methods as well as benefit from others' experience. We attach particular importance to paying equal attention to all the principles of open science: open data, methods, software, teaching materials, review processes, and research results. 

If you are interested in open science and would like to work with others toward making research sustainable or pursuing sustainable research, or you would like to receive more information about our events and activities, visit our website or follow us on Twitter @OpenScienceUM.