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Gender-Equality and Family Support Program

In front of a rainbow-colored background referring to rainbow flags as symbols of tolerance, acceptance as well as the beginning of changes TRR 81 is written. Each circle of the number eight is at the same time either part of the maskulin or femininity sign, respectively.
Photo: Sandra Hake
Logo of the Gender-Equality and Family Support Program of the TRR 81.

The TRR 81 ‘Gender and Family Program’ serves to improve the equality between female and male scientists and to support families in their endeavour to combine job and care duties. To accomplish these goals, we dedicate our financial support to diverse activities, courses, and measures. Financial support will be endowed to members and associated members of the TRR 81 under the guidance of the DFG constitution.

Applications, questions, and suggestions should be sent to the Equal Opportunities Team and will be handled immediately.

Family Support Measures:

Examples include among others:

  • Installation of home work place
  • Childcare in cases of emergencies, off-hour work, and TRR 81-related events
  • Support by student assistants in coping with increased family burdens

Gender-Equality Measures (for female TRR 81 members only):

Examples include among others:

  • Workshops for women
  • Individual career coaching
  • Method courses
  • Mentoring courses
  • External lab visits
  • Soft skill courses (e.g. presentation, paper writing, poster generation, etc.)

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