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Project Area B - Chromatin changes mediated by long-range interactions

Group B projects focus on long range organization of chromatin in nuclear space. Structural proteins such as CTCF or cohesin drive chromatin folding, loop formation, intra- and inter-chromosomal contacts to regulate accessibility and activity of larger genomic regions. The PIs assigned to that group are listed in the text.
Photo: Alexander Brehm
Thematic assignment of projects from Area B.

Genome architecture and transcription during development and differentiation

Characterization of nuclear IL-1-regulated protein complexes that mediate chemokine gene expression

Role of CTCF in chromatin organization and gene expression

Cohesin-dependent 3D organization in development and disease

Lamins and Rnf20 at the interface of cancer metabolism and epigenetics

Unravelling homology recognition mechanisms during meiotic prophase using nanoscopy

Epigenetic mechanisms in X chromosome inactivation

High mobility group B factors as regulators of genomic architecture via CTCF clustering

The NIPBL-Integrator Axis in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Cancer chromosome rearrangements, nuclear lamina interactions and gene regulation

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