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B05 - Kerstin Wendt:

Cohesin-dependent 3D organization in development and disease

The Cohesin complex is crucial to ensures genome stability and to shape the higher order organization of mammalian genomes. Mutations of the complex or its regulators have been implicated in human developmental syndromes and cancer. The cohesin STAG2 subunit is frequently found to be mutated in different cancers and in a large number of BCP-ALL leukemia samples an aberrant expression of the germline-specific cohesin subunit STAG3 is found. We will characterize the roles of the STAG orthologues STAG1 and STAG2 in normal cells and investigate the impact of STAG3 expression on their respective functions with the aim to understand the role of STAG3 for the leukemia cells.

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