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B01 - Frank Grosveld:

Genome architecture and transcription during development and differentiation

We are interested how the choice between cell lineages is determined during hematopoietic development and differentiation. The transcription factors involved will be studied at the single cell level using existing and novel technology development. We will study how the regulation of transcriptional interactions occurs in a 3D context and determine its spatiotemporal dynamics. The dynamics of enhancer-promoter interactions and their relation to transcription factories will be visualized in live cells and the role of different TFs in these interactions will be assessed. The project has 4 parts: The development of single cell -Omics; The study of hematopoietic networks through Perturb-seq and in situ capture of chromatin interactions; Functional optogenetics; Visualization of regulatory interactions and transcription factories.

Phone: +31 10-704-3593