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A14 - Danny Huylebroeck:

Zeb2 in cell determination regulated by the Activin-Nodal/BMP system: genome-wide binding sites, endogenous partners and long-range locus control

We study how growth-differentiation factors contribute to the precise intrinsic control of cellular responses at the genomic level. We will study (i) the Smad-interacting transcription factor Zeb2 and (ii) apply a systems-biology approach to deconstruct Activin-Nodal/BMP signalling in mouse stem cells. In (i) we will document the function of Zeb2 in Smad-assisted BMP signal interpretation and study the long-range control of the Zeb2 locus. In (ii) we will apply gene perturbation to deconstruct Activin-Nodal/BMP signaling in stem cells. Combined with a novel method to measure transcriptome, levels of nuclear factors and their genomic binding sites simultaneously in single cells, this will enable us to document adaptive transcriptional responses within the Activin-Nodal/BMP system in unprecedented detail.

Phone: +31 10-704-3169