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Z01 - Marek Bartkuhn/Ho-Ryun Chung/Alexander Goesmann:

Bioinformatics analysis of genome-wide data sets

Next generation sequencing (NGS) based methods provide an unrivalled toolbox essential for answering current questions in the chromatin field. Recent NGS technologies generate hundreds of millions of sequencing reads enabling the analysis of transcription factor binding sites, transcriptomes and other gene regulatory interactions on a genome-wide scale. This central project will assure that all groups of the TRR81 have access to NGS based computational analysis methods. Therefore, it provides the required state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. Furthermore, it provides (i) advice regarding experimental design, (ii) support for efficient analysis of incoming data and (iii) general bioinformatics assistance for the interpretation of analysis results. Additionally, the Z01 project provides an educational program that imparts basic bioinformatics knowledge and data analysis skills to finally enable PhD candidates and postdocs to perform major parts of the NGS data analysis on their own.

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