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Prof. Dr. Tim Friehe


Mail: tim.friehe(at)uni-marburg.de
Office Hours: By arrangement via mail.
Office: Am Plan 2
Phone: +49 (0)6421/2821703


Public Economics Group, University of Marburg
Am Plan 2
35037 Marburg


Research interests:

Law and Economics, Public Economics
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Selected publications:
On the Path Dependence of Tax Compliance. European Economic Review 65, 90-107. (joint with Lisa Bruttel)
Conspicuous Consumption and Political Regimes: Evidence from East and West Germany. European Economic Review 67, 62-81. (joint with Mario Mechtel)
Incentives to Diffuse Advanced Abatement Technology Under Environmental Liability Law. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 62, 30-40. (joint with Alfred Endres)
On the Evasion of Employment Protection Legislation. Labour Economics 19, 9-17. (joint with Florian Baumann)
Marginal Deterrence When Offenders Act Sequentially. Economics Letters 124, 523-525 (joint with Thomas J. Miceli)


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