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Modul Summer 2021 Winter 2021/2022 Summer 2022 Winter 2022/2023
Einführung in Law and Economics
Grundlagen der Finanzwissenschaft
Seminar tba tba tba


Modul Summer 2021 Winter 2021/2022 Summer 2022 Winter 2022/2023
Economics of Civil and Criminal Law
Public Economics
Behavioral Economics
Seminar(s) tba tba tba
Key qualifications

Bachelor / Master Theses

If you are interested in writing your thesis under the supervision of the Public Economics Group, please send an email to Prof. Friehe containing the following information:

  1. a current transcript of records,
  2. the subject area and methodology you would like to choose for your thesis, and
  3. the point in time at which you would like to receive your topic and at which your working time starts.

We expect that you work with the related literature independently in order to develop a concise research question for your thesis. The subject area of your thesis should be related to either the lectures offered by the team or the research areas of the Group. We may supervise theses with a focus on either theory or empirics.

Please pay also attention to our guidelines: "Richtlinien für Seminar- und Abschlussarbeiten an der AG Finanzwissenschaft".

Key Qualification Credits

Both Bachelor and Master students can obtain key qualification credit points by contributing to the research conducted by the Public Economics Group.

Your contribution may include searching information, finding and evaluating papers of the related literature, and collecting and preparing data. Current research deals with crime in Germany, tax evasion, risk-taking in contests, health economics, and gender differences (e.g., in attitudes towards risk).

If you are interested in contributing to the research of the group, please send an email to Prof. Friehe containing a current transcript of records.