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Hier finden Sie Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen zum Erasmusprogramm.

    Do I have to sign up for courses in advance?

    You will need to register online within the given deadline for your chosen courses (“Anmeldung zu Lehrveranstaltungen”). Usually the deadline for doing so expires three weeks after the beginning of the lecture period so there is enough time for you to register after having arrived in Marburg. Please log in on the course catalogue with your Marburg student account, choose the respective course and then click on "apply" on the course description site. As a last step, you have to choose a module under which you would like to book the course (usually this is not important for exchange students). However, as an Erasmus/ international exchange student, you must not register online for your exams (“Prüfungsanmeldung”) like the regular Marburg students, your “Belegliste” will be a sufficient record of your academic work and grades.

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