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Master of Arts programme in Concepts of Fine Arts

Prerequisites for the Master of Arts programme in Concepts of Fine Arts are a college degree (Bachelor of Arts/Science or equivalent) and basic knowledge in the field of fine arts. Applicants should have superior artistic talent and a distinct desire to develop and implement their own artistic concepts in the context of and in combination with an academic minor in another field of studies. The Master of Arts programme in Concepts of Fine Arts is not necessarily consecutive, but is open to students with undergraduate studies in other fields. The Masters programme imparts advanced and profound artistic knowledge, capability and dexterity which enable the implementation of artistic concepts.

The programme is project-oriented with intensive individual supervision. It aims to cultivate aesthetic creativity and artistic expression and encourages the evolution of an individual artistic statement. Within a parallel minor field of studies, academic education is further pursued at a post-graduate level or expanded through studies in an additional field of studies. Graduates are qualified to realize and render artistic concepts in scientific contexts. Furthermore, they acquire competence in artistic design which is applicable in the fields of communication and publication.

The form of project-related courses at the Institute of Fine Arts offers students a high degree of autonomy and self-initiative in the planning and realization of their artistic projects. A studio space (German) is made available to each student for the entire length of a standard course of study.

The program is accredited.

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