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Workshop: Parallel text analysis in diachronic research

We invite contributions to a workshop on “Parallel text analysis in diachronic research”, to be held in Marburg (Germany), February 22–23, 2018.

Workshop description

The workshop is concerned with parallel corpora and the theoretical and practical issues related to them. Especially, we aim at introducing a historical perspective to research on parallel texts and exploring their usefulness in tracing and modelling linguistic change. We want to bring together scholars using parallel corpora in linguistic and philological research and corpus and computational linguists building and processing parallel corpora and thereby facilitating interdisciplinary exchange.

Possible topics of interest include:

– theoretical considerations concerning parallel text approaches in historical linguistics

– quantitative and qualitative case studies

– exploration of the intersection of parallel corpus approaches and philological text constitution

– development of tools for statistical analyses

Invited speakers:

– Balthasar Bickel (University of Zurich): Corpus-based Typology as a Window on the Evolution of Syntax

– Lars Borin (Språkbanken/University of Gotenburg): Simulated diachrony in parallel(ish) corpora

– Michael Cysouw (University of Marburg): Dynamic universals in the linguistic marking of location, extracted from parallel texts

– Stefanie Dipper (University of Bochum): Using the Anselm Corpus for diatopic and diachronic research

– Dag Haug (University of Oslo): The PROIEL parallel corpus of Old Indo-European New Testament translations

– Roland Meyer (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin): TBA

– Bernhard Wälchli (Stockholm University): Is grammatical gender less complex than commonly believed? Extracting the feminine gender gram from parallel texts

We encourage scholars at all levels to submit abstracts describing the research question, methods, and expected results (800 words excluding references) until December 1, 2017, by e-mail: agreemar@gmail.com. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by the December 20, 2017.

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