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There are two main areas of work we do in our research group. On the one hand, we concentrate on methods and approaches for simplifying the development of distributed or networked applications. On the other hand, we look at applications that gain additional benefits from being executed in a distributed computing environment.

Current subjects of our work are software infrastructures, services and tools for cluster/network/grid computing, middleware for internet application environments, as well as architectures and algorithms for mobile/ubiquitous computing applications.

We directly draw requirements from application development for use in our middleware development efforts. Many of those applications are developed in interdisciplinary activities with partners from a diverse range of interest fields such as electrical and mechanical engineering, physics, bioinformatics, economics and media research. We often use methods for distributed data analysis, simulation and optimization to solve computationally expensive problems from those areas. Due to the nature of these problems, methods inspired by nature (e.g. evolutionary algorithms, neural networks) are sometimes used in the solutions.

Our research efforts are financially supported by different public funding agencies or industrial partners. An overview of current and past projects is accessible through the menu on the left.

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