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Environmental and biological research is becoming central to major societal challenges related to the Earth’s ecosystems and climate dynamics. To handle the scale and complexity of the scientific questions being addressed, there is a strong need to integrate knowledge because biological data are currently scattered and difficult to share. We propose here a coherent infrastructure to improve scientific data integration and preservation.


High-performance event processing on modern hardware

We propose a system that deals with both low latency requirements of Complex Event Processing (CEP) and high-throughput analysis of historical (event) data in a reactive infrastructure monitoring scenario at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Our core research objective is to combine both approaches through the introduction of the situation calculus into the world of CEP, through leveraging the presence of historical data for real time processing purposes and through the means of modern hardware.



XXL - eXtensible and fleXible Library

XXL is a Java library that contains a rich infrastructure for implementing advanced query processing functionality. The library offers low-level components like access to raw disks as well as high-level ones like a query optimizer. On the intermediate levels, XXL provides a demand-driven cursor algebra, a framework for indexing and a powerful package for supporting aggregation. The XXL project provides various packages. See the longer introduction to XXL for an explanation of the packages.


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