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 Chemical Processes of Ions

Formation - Transport - Reactivity




Doppelter Durchbruch für Studien zum Ionen-Transport - Aktuelle Publikationen Marburger Physikochemiker
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Jan Wiemer has been awarded the Förderpreis der Industrie und Handelskammer Kassel-Marburg for his master thesis entitled "BIIT-Experimente an Atmosphärendruck mittels fs-induziertem, Luftplasma als Ionenquelle"

The work of the Weitzel group "Site energy distribution of ions in the potential energy landscape of amorphous solids" has been accepted for publication in Materials Today Physics
For further information see: Link

The work of the Weitzel group "Experimental studies on work functions of Li+ ions and electrons in battery electode material LiCoO2: A thermodynamic cycle combining ionic and electronic structure" (a collaboration with René Hausbrand, Mathias Fingerle and Wolfram Jaegermann) has been featured as a cover article by the Journal Advanced Energy Materials
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Peter Krüger has been awarded a Kekulé Schoolarship of the Fond der Chemischen Industrie


"Preis für beste Lehre 2017" an Dr. Martin Schäfer verliehen

Im Rahmen des vom Jungchemikerforum am 25.10.2017 veranstalteten Fachbereichstags, wurde Dr. Martin Schäfer mit dem „Preis für die beste Lehre 2017“ am Fachbereich Chemie ausgezeichnet. Mit diesem Preis wird insbesondere seine Vorlesung Mathematik II gewürdigt. Neben seinem Engagement in der Mathematik-Vorlesung ist Martin leitender Assistent in den Praktika für Physikalische Chemie. Wissenschaftlich ist er Mitglied der AG Weitzel. Nach unserer Information dürfte Martin der Erste sein, der den Preis für die beste Lehre sowohl im Fachbereich Physik (2009) als auch im Fachbereich Chemie (2017) gewonnen hat. Wir gratulieren ihm ganz herzlich!

K.-M. Weitzel


New DFG grant
The German Science Foundation (DFG) has granted our application for the project: „Femtosecond – coincidence analysis of molecular chirality“.

Work of the Weitzel group (in collaboration with the Jooss (Göttingen) and Thornton (Ann Arbor) groups) on the bulk versus grain-boundary diffusion in PrMnO3 is being featured in PCCP


For further details see the linked information: Link

Work of the Weitzel group (in collaboration with the Parak group) on the thickness dependence of the conductance in poly-electrolyte multilayers has been featured in PCCP


For further details see the linked information: Link

New DFG grant
The German Science Foundation (DFG) has granted our application within the program for major instrumentation (Großgeräte-Programm) for a new femtosecond laser system combining ultra-short laser pulses with high repetition rate and high power.

The Fonds der Chemischen Industrie contributes 44000 Euro for the master education in chemistry.
For further details see the linked information: Link

The German Patent Office has granted a patent regarding our claim „Distinction of enantiomers by means of broadband femtosecond–circular dichroism-laser ionization mass spectrometry (CD-LIMS) „.
For further details see the linked information.

New positions available:
Several positions for PhD students are available immediately in the Weitzel group.

Chemiefonds-Stipendium awarded to M.Sc. Nicola Reusch for project on chirality analysis by means of femtosecond laser ionisation.

Ionen-Bombardement bringt doppelten Nutzen
Zweifache Förderung für Marburger Physikochemiker

New DFG grant
The project "bombardment induced ion transport through solid electrolytes" receives funding from the DFG.

Kekulé-scholarship awarded to Veronika Wesp for project on ion transport through ultra-thin polymer films.

New DFG grant
The project "state selective ion molecule reactions" receives continued funding through a DFG grant.

A recent review by K.-M. Weitzel entitled „ Bond-Dissociation Energies of Cations – Pushing the Limits to Quantum State Resolution „ has been featured on the front cover of Mass Spectrometry Reviews.



Journal of Chemical Physics Editor´s choice 2010:
The Editors of The Journal of Chemical Physics  "have selected a few of the many notable JCP articles published in 2010 that present ground-breaking research".
Among the few articles chosen was our article on the proton transfer reaction from HBr+ to CO2. http://jcp.aip.org/editors_choices_2010

Großgerät für Tiefenprofilanalysen im Nanometerbereich am FB Chemie eingeweiht
Im Fachbereich Chemie der Philipps-Universität Marburg wurde im August 2010 eine TOF-SIMS (time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry) Anlage in Betrieb ...

Editor-in-chief of Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie:
Effective from June 1st 2010 Prof. K.-M. Weitzel will assume the position as editor-in-chief of Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie (ZPC). Originally founded by W. Ostwald and J.H. van’t Hoff in 1887 today ZPC is the oldest journal for physical chemistry in the world. Honorary editor of ZPC is Prof. G. Ertl (Nobel Prize in chemistry, 2007)

New DFG grant covering TOF-SIMS:
Based on the application by five groups from the chemistry department (including our own) the DFG has just granted the acquisition of a TOF-SIMS machine. This technique allows to    determine depth profiles of the chemical composition of materials on the nano-scale For further information see our research pages.

New positions available:
Several positions for PhD students are available immediately in the Weitzel group.

New DFG grant:
A new grant by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft now allows the Weitzel group to investigate the control of chemical reactions via the carrier envelope phase (CEP) of a few-cycle laser pulse.


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