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The EcoSkills program offers students from the School of Business & Economics trainings for additional work & social skills. Our professional coaches and speakers will teach you with several group- and individual methods. You can find the complete information under "events & application" and "certificates & modules", we also show you how to find out, which key qualifications you might need and want to train.

As "key qualifications" we consider all qualifications that help you with job entry, your personal professional progress as well as to meet societal requirements. Key qualifications are interdisciplinary competences helping you to increase your individual skills in using your knowledge.

Our workshops offer you:

·         an opportunity to connect your professional knowledge from your studies with soft skill requirements for your occupational life

·         workshop pricing much below common offerings - thanks to the funding of the School of Business & Economics

·         the chance to complete the module "key qualifications" from your bachelor or masters degree curriculum.


If having further question concerning the EcoSkills programme or our current workshop, please contact our team.

You can find us and our workshop program in the summer term 2015 also on Facebook.

Bookings starting at 31st March 2015 at 12 p.m.

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