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Joint Workshop: Turning Points Research Group (DFG, Leibniz) | History | Media Studies

"What's in a Year?  Reflections on 1967"

Centre for Near-and Middle Eastern Studies (CNMS), University of Marburg, 10-11 December 2015

Organising committee: Yvonne Albers, Malte Hagener, Felix Lang, Friederike Pannewick, Benedikt Stuchtey.


Dr. Fadi Bardawil  (UNC, Arab Intellectual History)
Prof. Frank Bösch (Potsdam, Media History and Social History)
Prof. Rembert Hüser (Frankfurt, Media Studies)
Dr. Alexandra Ortiz Wallner (HU Berlin, Latin American Studies)

The workshop is open to all. If you wish to attend the workshop, please register until 5 November. Contact: felix.lang@staff.uni-marburg.de.


From 1913 to 1967, from 1066 to 1776: years constantly feature as titles of novels, popular academic works or research monographs. The marketability of such publications, their ability to capture the readers' imagination, rests on the fact that certain years have been marked out as significant. Yet, just how sure can we be about what a particular year 'signifies'? The year of 1945, when Europe was liberated from Nazi occupation saw the brutal crushing of another liberation movement in Algeria. The year of 1967, a watershed moment for many Arab intellectuals on the other hand is not much more than a 'prequel' to the events which unfolded across Europe and the US in 1968. We want to take these publications as a starting point to reflect on the role years play in structuring and producing knowledge in different fields of the arts, humanities and social sciences: How and why do certain years come to mark a moment where 'the world has changed', the point whereafter things won't be that they were before? How do they become established as a caesura and starting points of subsequent developments? As a common reference point for this workshop, we propose the year of 1967. As year of the Naksa (setback, debacle) after the Six-Day war with Israel, 1967 occupies an eminently important place in the historical imaginary of many people in the Middle East. This stands in interesting contrast to a European context where 1967 is eclipsed by the events of 1968 when leftist student movements seemed to shake the foundations of postwar Europe.

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