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We are convinced that only an interdisciplinary approach taking into account the relationships between politics, everyday culture, art and the media can adequately understand the processes of social transformation currently taking place in the Middle East and North Africa. This is mirrored in the composition of our research team: it was made up of both senior and junior researchers who addressed the key questions set out by the group from the various perspectives of their specialist disciplines, amongst them Politics, Social Anthropology, Media Studies, Literature and Art Studies.

Our research team was supplemented by a number of local and international visiting researchers and associated researches.

The research group was directed by Prof. Dr. Friederike Pannewick and conducted in cooperation with the department of Middle Eastern Politics / Prof. Dr. Rachid Ouaissa. The group's research activities are coordinated by Dr. Felix Lang.

Our team consisted of highly qualified scientists who have been working together at the Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies for years. In addition, student assistants contributed to the success of the project.

Friederike Pannewick, Prof. Dr. Project leadership
Lang, Felix, Dr. Project coordinator
Braune, Ines, Dr. Research associate
Dihstelhoff, Julius Research associate 
Lohse, Alexander Research associate 
Pardey, Charlotte Research associate
Said, Walaa Research associate
Scheiter, Anna-Christina Research associate
Albers, Yvonne Research associate
Strohmaier, Alena, Dr. Reseach associate