3rd annual Workshop of the ANR-DFG EGYLandscape project: Archaeology and Landuse

EGYLandscape Project Land and Landscapes in Mamluk and Ottoman Egypt, 13th-18th Centuries The EGYLandscape Project is a three-year, ANR-DFG funded research project that aims to explore the historical landscapes, agriculture, nature, and climate of Egypt throughout the Mamluk and Ottoman periods. A first-of-its-kind program, the team is comprised of leading and upcoming scholars in a diverse array of specialties including archaeology, history, and environmental studies. The EGYLandscape Project is committed to developing new resources for the wider academic community including GIS and other data types. A mapping project, “Survey of Medieval Egypt”, is underway. https://www.egylandscape.org https://twitter.com/egylandscape https://www.facebook.com/EGYLandscapeProject/


30. Oktober 2021 – 02. November 2021

Alexandria, French Institute


EGYLandscape project