The Service Area Principle in the Framework of Cable Television

The Service Area Principle Framework Cable Vision


In Europe and elsewhere the legal treatment under copyright laws of primary cable transmission and of deferred re-transmission via cable is reasonably clear. Extensive discussion has been going on, however, concerning the legal implications with respect to copyright law of the simultaneous, unaltered and unabriged re-transmission of primary terrestrial transmissions. Under the service area principle the simultaneous, unaltered and unabridged re-transmission is not subject to any consent of the author or copyright enumeration if it is made within the "service area" of the original broadcasting. By analysing the laws of Great Britain, Ireland, Austria, France, Germany, USA, Canada and Australia and with reference to the "service area" principle, the author finds a solution how to deal with re-transmissions.

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Nomos-Verlag, Baden-Baden 1995, 37 Seiten, 13,90€, ISBN 978-3-7890-3944-7

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