Thinking the collective property of the Mayan people. Debates and mobilizations around the Mayan Textiles of Guatemala


25. Juni 2019 18:00 – 25. Juni 2019 20:00

Hörsaal 109 (+1/1090) in der Deutschhausstr. 3

In 2014 a group of Maya-Kaqchikel women initiated a series of legal actions to protect the collective intellectual property of Guatemalan Mayan textiles. These legal actions, which they and their lawyers call "strategic litigation" of the Mayan people, have been accompanied by the creation of the National Movement of Weavers Ruchajixik ri Qab'anob'al and several local committees of weavers, mobilizations in the street and a wide media coverage both on television and in print and digital media. These actions and mobilizations have provoked a national and international debate on issues such as property, heritage and the autonomy of indigenous peoples, the intricacies of which we intend to analyse at this conference.


Gemma Celigueta Comerma, Universitat de Barcelona


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