The Future as Sensation: Amazonian Quilombolas, Swidden Horticulture, and Kinaesthetic Anticipations

The ‘quilombola movement’ is said to be a political current that supports the legal emancipation and economic autonomy of the descendants of runaway African slaves in Brazil. In contrast, I suggest that quilombolas are, literally, ‘movement’. Against ethnohistoric identifications, I approach the kinaesthetic awareness that discloses an alternative, future-oriented, and corporeal projection of what it means to become quilombola today.
I will present an ethnography of recent horticultural developments that disclose how quilombolas anticipatedly ‘sense’ possible futures through their bodies and beyond the often foreclosing ‘representations’ of local, political, and intellectual elites.

Referierender: Dr. Aníbal García Arregui, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Barcelona

Wann: 19. Mai 2020, 18:15Uhr

Wo: im online Konferenzraum unter folgendem Link

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