Superconducting Circuits, from Artifical Atoms to Quantum Computers

Gemeinsames Kolloquium des Fachbereichs Physik und des SFB 1083


08. November 2023 15:30 – 08. November 2023 16:30

Fachbereich Physik, Renthof 5, Großer Hörsaal


In this talk I will describe how superconducting circuits can be used both as superconducting qubits and as artificial atoms.
The first part of the talk describes the quantum technology center in Sweden, our effort to make high quality qubits and how they are integrated to make a quantum processor. The second part of the talk describes how superconducting qubits can be used as artificial atom and how exotic regimes can be reached to study interesting physics. In particular I will discuss how they can be used to generate nonclassical states of microwaves, and how the can be engineered to couple to sound rather than to light.

Link zur Videokonferenz


Per Delsing, Chalmers University of Technology


Fachbereich Physik und SFB 1083