Limited contracts suck! New perspectives on fixed-term jobs in Hessen academia

Online event and discussion (in english) with Dr. Mathis Heinrich (ver.di Hessen), Yulia Chmutova (GEW Marburg), Dr. Andreas Piper (GEW) and more. BBB: https://uni-marburg.de/saUels


06. Mai 2024 19:00 – 06. Mai 2024 20:30
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Staff council candidates of ver.di / GEW invite you to talk about ongoing fixed-term employment in academia and what to do about it
BBB: https://uni-marburg.de/saUels

The latest reform of the so called WissZeitVG (the Academic Fixed-term Contracts Act) produced another wave of outrage among young academics and is now stuck in political disagreement of the coalition partners. While there is nothing good to expect from the federal government, trade unions in Hessen managed to achieve a political breakthrough in the latest bargaining of the collective labour agreement (Tarifvertrag Hessen). Borne by the political protest on the streets, the ministry in Hessen finally agreed to include an obligatory extension of permanent employment by 400 more positions until 2030. At that point, nearly 40% of (young) academics employed by the state Hessen have to work on a permanent contract.

In his talk, Dr. Mathis Heinrich (ver.di member of the negotiation committee and Personalrat at UMR) will report on the negotiations process and evaluate the achievement in light of the federal reform of the WissZeitVG. What does all of this mean for young academics and activists at the University of Marburg? From his point of view, the agreement can only be seen as a first step towards better and fair working conditions in German academia and especially at UMR. As such, the struggle for changing employment structures will have to continue.

Our statements, our candidates for staff council (Personalrat)

The event is part of an election campaign for the current staff council elections (Personalratswahl) in May 2024 at the University of Marburg, organized by your local candidates from ver.di an GEW.  Don’t forget to vote and to support ver.di / GEW, because we need strong trade unions in the staff council to struggle for more permanent jobs at UMR and better working conditions for young academics in general. 

The election takes place on:

Tue, 14 May., 9:00-15:30, Chemie Neubau Lahnberge, entrance area and
Wed, 15 May, 9:00-15:30, Administration building Biegenstr. 10, Foyer
Or: you request postal voting now! Just send an informal e-mail by May 10th to wahlamt@uni-marburg.de, including your full name and postal address.

More information about the election, and your candidates from ver.di and GEW (in german language / in deutscher Sprache): https://www.uni-marburg.de/de/universitaet/administration/wahlen/verdi/aktuelles/nachrichten/wir-machen-tarif-wir-koennen-auch-personalrat


Dr. Mathis Heinrich, Yulia Chmutova, Dr. Andreas Piper und weitere


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