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Student Reports of Summer School 2017

Nahid Rajabzadeh, Ph.D. Student in Economics, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Foto: Adrian Pourviseh

"I am so glad for participating in Summer School and having the opportunity to interact with foreign students from Philips University in Marburg. First, I appreciate CNMS members and DAAD for their supports, guidance and scientific opportunities provided to me during my time in Marburg. I really impressed with kind and friendly behavior during my journey. This event was a unique experience for me to develop my skills about how scientifically discuss and create new ideas for shaping my future research. High quality lectures and interesting topics as well as interacting with talented and creative students provided me an extraordinary opportunity to get familiar with the educational system in Germany. This event could help me to get new ideas in the field of renewable energy and shape my direction of research. I could considerably deepen my knowledge on the topic of the Summer School, which was „Renewable Energy and Development“, and understand the critical role of using renewable energy in oil-rich countries like Iran.  Another point that is so valuable for me is that I can transfer my achievement of your workshop to my students. I am teaching Economic Development for students in some universities in Mashhad. This workshop helped me give my students new ideas to research in the field of Economic Development. Through this, I can guide them interested student in a correct direction for their future research. This workshop was a pleasure for me to share my different experiences and achievements to other students. In addition visiting a small, lovely and beautiful city was an enjoyable and memorable experience for me. At the end, I deeply hope that this event lasts longer and other interested students can take part in this workshop as well."

Meisam Karimkhani, M.A. Social Planning, University of Tehran

Foto: Privat

"In my view, getting familiar with German academic sphere through taking part in Marburg Summer School was, per se, a unique experience. Furthermore, delivered lectures by sophisticated professors were really informative and insightful. They were successful in highlighting the importance of renewable energy for future of human species and correctly depicted the threats of global warming. Erudite lecturers addressed renewable energy from various viewpoints such as political, social, economic, cultural and technical issues. Their points were influential enough to penetrate any prejudgments regarding developing renewable energy and give us new perspective. In spite of their optimism over widespread usage of renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, they were very aware of the looming bumpy road. For overcoming the obstacles over implementation of renewable energy, they emphasized on necessity of theoretical and practical effort and governmental support. Based on above-mentioned, I think the big picture with regard to renewable energy providing by lecturers was main benefit of participation in Marburg Summer School. We got familiar with different dimension of renewable energy. I hope such opportunities last and never stop. Irrespective of Summer School scientific contribution, Marburg as a university town was a beautiful city full of ancient sites that visiting them brought about memorable moments. It is highly worthwhile to note the respectful and hospitable behavior of coordinators who were very helpful and meticulously tried to arrange the programs as best as possible."

Farzaneh Jariani, M.Sc. Economics, Tarbiat Modares University (Tehran)

Foto: Privat

"Getting accepted by the Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies (CNMS) of Philipps-Universität Marburg for participation in the “Renewable Energy and Development Summer School” was the best opportunity for me to get more information about the rich culture of Germany and its academic society. One of the important considerable points was the excellent planning, coordinating and managing all summer school activities by the management of CNMS. The students were being challenged by the professors to discuss and handle the related classes, which added more effectiveness to this program. All classes were being held in a positive and friendly atmosphere, so I felt myself like in my country. In addition to the very good moments of the classes, I had very pleasant moments with good German and Iranian friends. In addition, our trip to Kassel, a historic, beautiful and dreamy place, was highly memorable. Altogether, the most effective academic space had been prepared by the management of CNMS, so that we could learn more about the social, cultural interactions through both the classes and outside activities."

Sara Faez, M.A. Social and Welfare Planning, University of Tehran

Foto: Privat

"Writing a report on the summer school in CNMS? Well! Let me start from the very first day we arrived! The hotel was booked before and we didn’t spend much time there, looking for our rooms. After settling down, we had a welcoming session which was held in the CNMS building where the rest of our classes were there too. In my point of view, these programs play a very important role in academic exchanges around the world to achieve a better understanding of the challenges and also the benefits facing our modern globalized world. By attending this summer school, I found a chance to meet a lot of students who came from different cultures, backgrounds and majors. I met friends from Nigeria, Germany and Iran who were studying there. Also another useful part of this one-week program was the opportunity to have active and dynamic discussions with professors as well as students and graduates. The experience of being in an academic atmosphere which is full of variety in ideas, thoughts and ideologies but still remains as a coherent core was another interesting experience through this program. There was a wide range of different related issues discussed during the event."

Mahmoud Dehghanzad, M.Sc. Environmental Economics, University of Tehran

Foto: Sven Fischer

"I do really appreciate those persons who provided such situation for Iranian students to participate in Renewable Energy and Development Summer School in Marburg, attendance in lectures that were presented by several International and Iranian professors which were contained the wide range of topics within contexts of renewable energy and development. It enhanced my experience in diverse aspects of education and enriched my knowledge about this topic that nowadays this issue is one of the most significant debates throughout the world. During breaks between lectures and informal gathering after terminating lectures it was proper opportunity for me to communicate with German students to become familiar with them and foreign language in a short time and getting closer to new society, culture and customs. In fact, to mitigate climate change and decrease energy dependencies, many countries have adopted efficient policies to increase the use of renewable energy sources in comparison to total energy use. Renewable energy generation holds the answer to green economy which is devoid of greenhouse pollution and renewable energy sources are inexhaustible and benign to the environment, their utilization as a prime source of energy in the world will mean guaranteed energy source."