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Student Reports of Summer School 2018

Sara Mollaeivaneghi, M.Sc. Economics, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

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"The trip to Marburg was a wonderful experience: a small town with very beautiful natural sights. During the seven-day stay in Marburg, we were provided with a program, including workshops mostly about political economy. The presenters of these workshops were high-profile persons who lectured us about new and interesting topics. Most of the subjects presented in the workshops were new to me and encouraged me to read more about them. Preparing for the presentation was also a great opportunity to study one of the important issues and to learn new concepts. In fact, in the process of the same studies, I became acquainted with parts of the history of my country that I had not thought of before. Along with the scientific aspect of this trip, every day after the workshop we had the chance to explore the beautiful city of Marburg, which was an excellent and memorable experience. After the completion of the workshops, we were taken on a short one-day trip to Buren and Detmold. We visited the Wewelsburg castle and the WWII memorial museum in the Buren municipality, and then we went to the Hermann Memorial Park which is a lovely spot near Detmold. Overall, travelling to Marburg was a delightful and memorable experience for me. Not only, I had the chance to learn scientifically valuable topics, but also I was able to enjoy good times with great people in a wonderful city."

Peyman Zinati, M.A. Social Welfare Planing, University of Tehran

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"The Summer School was something more than an academic event for me. Surely, the event presents variety of opportunities to experience more than academic lectures. Marburg is a small student city with not only a famous university and stunning historical sites, but also socially active and politically progressive community. Surely, given the opportunity to participate in the School, you can seize the opportunity to make friends and learn about international cultures, and maybe even decide to choose Marburg for your place of further studies. What makes me sure that participation in the school was a great experience? On the last day of the event, I said to myself that I will miss this, and I know other students from Iran also did say this to themselves."

Fatemeh Farzin, Ph.D. student in Economics, Tarbiat Modares University

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"It is my deep heartfelt impression to say that I had a very pleasant and delightful experience during my stay in Marburg at the Summer School 2018. I enjoyed the beauties, culture and lovely sceneries of this romantic German riverfront medieval university town while sharing lectures and articles with attractive subjects on the important present topics "Nature, Wealth, and Power". The event took place in Phillips University of Marburg, which is one of the most famous and oldest universities with a focus on life sciences and a special Center for Near and Middle East Studies (CNMS). I had a good chance to meet and get to know many students and professors from different universities between our class breaks and to talk over different interesting issues. That was really an amazing experience. All classes, workshops, articles, and lectures were held and presented professionally in time. I could of course use much of the materials presented in the workshops in my studies. All the professors and staffs patiently gave answers to all questions asked. We had also a fantastic opportunity one day to visit many historical monuments .We then visited and walked through a lovely forest park the same day enjoying pure and fresh nature. Memories that will remain in our minds forever. Marburg is really a beautiful historical university town giving me a feeling of calmness in a scientific place. I wish that I could take part in future summer schools to see all the professors, students, and friends again."

Seyedfarzad Moosavi, Ph.D. student in Economics, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

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"Participating in the fifth summer school at Phillips University of Marburg was the best opportunity for me to learn different topics related to "Nature, Wealth & Power". Stress-free, friendly and useful workshops, beautiful nature and fantastic architecture of Marburg will stick in my mind forever. Moreover, the trip to cultural sites acquainted us with historical and natural gravities of Germany such as the Hermann Monument. Thanks to all involved persons, especially to Dr. Farzanegan, for these memorable experiences."

Fatemeh Roghani, M.Sc. Energy Economics, Tarbiat Modares University

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"We have experienced a wonderful summer school in Marburg which enriched my knowledge and widened my horizons and being in an international atmosphere helped me to boost my confidence. In addition finding new friends was another advantage that I fully appreciated."

Amirreza Lagzian, M.Sc. Development Economics, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

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"The 2018 summer school in Marburg, Germany, was a one of a kind opportunity. Scientific and social Interactions with German and international students broadened my perspective towards how life might be when studying abroad. This event was an amazing experience. We found new friends from different countries and cities and saw various aspects of beautiful Germany. We not only found the opportunity to witness the historical aspects, originality, and nobility of Germany in Marburg, but we were also provided with the chance to observe the modern integrity of this great country during a half-day visit to Frankfurt am Main. To recapitulate, the international interaction in an academic society was of great value. Many thanks to DAAD, Philipps University of Marburg, and our universities in Iran for creating this unique opportunity for the students."

Nasim Moeindarbari, B.Sc. Economics, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

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"I attended the fifth seasonal school and for me it was a great pleasure to be a participant in this event. The experience was so great; we had the opportunity to meet some great professionals from the field of natural resources and had the honor to sit in their seminars and learn a lot. Beside the exceptional information, meeting new people was very amazing and I found many multicultural friends who I wish to see again in the sixth seasonal school, which will be held in Mashhad."

Ladan Ghodrati, Ph.D. student in Economics, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

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"Taking part in the Marburg Summer School (2018) was a significant privilege for me to see how studying in a foreign country might be. Attendance in lectures of professionals and sophisticated teachers enhanced my knowledge about the topic “Nature, Wealth and Power”, which could give me insights for further research. Moreover, interacting with students and people in Marburg taught me a lot about German culture. Thanks to all that provided such an opportunity and well organized event in Phillips University of Marburg and FUM."