08.07.2020 New publication on “International Tourism and Outbreak of Coronavirus”


“International Tourism and Outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Cross-Country Analysis” is the title of new research by scholars from Germany, Iran, Australia and Mauritius which is now published online.

In a joint research in Journal of Travel Research, Farzanegan et al (2020) examine the relationship between international tourism and COVID-19 cases and associated deaths in more than 90 nations. We use a cross-country regression analysis and find a positive correlation between international tourism and the cumulated level of COVID-19 confirmed cases and death by April 30, 2020. Our regression analyses show that countries exposed to high flows of international tourism are more prone to cases and deaths caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. This association is robust even after controlling for other socioeconomic determinants of COVID-19 outbreak and regional dummies. Based on our estimations, a 1% higher level of inbound and outbound tourism is associated with 1.2% and 1.4% higher levels of confirmed COVID-19 cases and death, respectively, controlling for other factors.

To read more see:

Farzanegan, M. R., Gholipour, H. F., Feizi, M., Nunkoo, R., & Andargoli, A. E. (2020). International Tourism and Outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Cross-Country Analysis. Journal of Travel Research. https://doi.org/10.1177/0047287520931593