28.09.2023 New Working Paper: The Effect of the “Woman Life Freedom” Protests on Life Satisfaction in Iran: Evidence from Survey Data

Foto: Colourbox.de

A new working paper was published by Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Sven Fischer under the CESifo Working Paper Series (No. 10643), in which the authors study the impact of the “Woman Life Freedom” protests on life satisfaction in Iran using original representative surveys.

The results suggest that the protest environment reduced the probability of life satisfaction by 3.7 percentage points. Moreover, they find significant heterogeneity among the respondents with respect to their life satisfaction before and after protests. The largest negative impact of the protests on life satisfaction is observed among women, members of working class, and those with primary and tertiary education. The results are robust to other determinants of individual life satisfaction, such as marital status, employment, perception of corruption, feeling of security, religiosity, and other sociodemographic factors.