15.01.2024 Master Seminar SS 2024 Portfolio Selection Theory

"Empirical Application of Portfolio Selection Theory"

  • Registration

    Possible up to April 15, 2024.
    Please register via email and provide us with your name, registration number, academic program, Ms./Mr. and preferred communication language (German or English)

    1. Due to restrictions on supervision, the research group Finance and Banking will be setting maximum limits for the number of participants for the Master Seminar starting from summer semester 2021:  7

    2. The allocation of places will follow a first-come-first-served basis. However students taking the major (Schwerpunkt) Accounting & Finance will have a priority since they require the seminar and thesis for their study programme.

  • General information

    Information on basic ideas, topics, examination etc. can be found on our seminar page.

  • Assignments

    • General Assignment
      • Calculating the optimal security weights and the efficient m‐s‐combinations for the Portfolio Selection (Markowitz, Markowitz‐Tobin, non‐marketable income, international Diversification).
      • Each participant will receive a further more specific task.
    • Individual Aspects
      • All computations must be performed with the help of Excel.
      • Preparing the time series
        • Data preparation (for example: consideration of Stock-Splits, missing values, etc.)
        • Weak stationarity, autocorrelation
      • Variation of the input data (depending on individual tasks)
      • Portfolio Selection (depending on assigned task)
        • Security weights/security holdings
        • Efficient frontier
        • Variance analysis
        • Performance measurement
  • Time schedule

    • Topics will be assigned on Wednesday, April 17, 2024.
      • Topics will be sent by email, no personal contact is required.
    • Intermediate presentation: block-event which will be held  June 7, 2024.
    • Submission of the written work via email must be in form of word or pdf data including data medium (not CD or DVD-only USB) or alternatively, you can also submit your files (if the size of file is not big) via email: Monday, July 1 not later than 11:30 AM.
    • Final presentation: which will be held July 12, room AA 011. 
  • Minimum requirements for passing the Studienleistung (intermediate presentation, not graded component of the seminar)

    • Data cleaning and preparation must be accomplished.

    • One efficient frontier must be calculated.

    • Additional individual requirements might be imposed by your respective supervisor.
  • Deregistration

    Withdrawal is possible until April 10, 2024. Later withdrawals will automatically lead to a fail grade. 

    Reason for this restrictive treatment of withdrawals: People on the waiting list must be given a chance to participate in the seminar if free places arise due to withdrawal.

    • A failed mid-term presentation will lead to a fail grade for the exam.
  • References

    • Further readings will be provided by the supervisor if necessary.