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Distinctive Features

We believe that our teaching is characterized by the following distinctive features:

  • We prepare lectures especially for you.

    This means, we select and prepare topics especially for our academic programs in Marburg. In particular, we combine theoretical foundations and practical applications.

  • We do not just repeat standard textbooks.

    Finance textbooks (e.g.,Hull “Option, Futures, and Other Derivatives“) are partially too formal, partially too superficial. Moreover, textbooks do not take adequately into accounts Marburg's needs. Finally, by structuring lectures by ourselves, we are able to use a consistent set of symbols across all lectures.

  • We do not use cases.

    Cases are good at offering highlights, but they conceal fundamental connections. For that reason, we derive insights based on theoretical analyses. Nevertheless, you learn how to apply models by means of computational examples, which are primarily based on empirical data, seminars, graduate research projects, and your Master thesis.

  • We offer ample background information.

    We offer ample background information on topics that are not relevant for the exam in the section "Research Track" or "For interested people" of our lecture notes. This background information might give you a competitive edge on the labour market.

  • We see heterogeneity as strength and help you.

    We are aware that you (usually) possess heterogeneous academic backgrounds. However, we see this fact as strength and not as weakness that will ultimately force us to lower the quality of our lectures. To deal with different levels of knowledge, we introduce the section "Repetition" in our lecture notes. This section contains aspects from other (Bachelor and/or Master) lectures that is needed to solve a specific problem. In other words, thanks to the section "Repetition" you can follow a lecture without having to look up the missing pieces of information by yourself.