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Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. Horst Zimmermann

Horst Zimmermann is professor emeritus for Public Finance at Marburg University. He works in the fields of public finance and regional policy. He is interested in the consequences which certain instruments (expenditures, taxes, borrowing etc.) and rules (vertical and horizontal shaping of fiscal federalism and of subnational finances, rules in regional policy patterns) exert on given economic policy objectives like growth and distribution. Emphasis is laid on the incentive-compatibility of the rules and instruments.

The typical approach can be seen again in the 14. edition (2024) of his German textbook (with K.-D. Henke and M. Broer) “Public Finance” (Finanzwissenschaft), which is unique in being organized by the objectives of public policy.

His other major work is "Local public finance" (Kommunalfinanzen), 4th edition, with Thomas Döring, Berlin 2019.