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The research program of the RTG comprises three main areas (A-C) which are embraced by project D. Project D attempts to provide the theoretical framework of the RTG. The entire research program (in German) can be found here.

Project Title PI Doctoral  Candidates and Postdocs
A1 The neurobiology of the vowel space Prof. Dr. Scharinger Paula Rinke
A2 Dynamics and stability in regional variation-spectra of German Prof. Dr. Herrgen Dominik Thiele
A3 Linguistic representations and standard-oriented speech Prof. Dr. Kehrein Nadja Spina
A4 Dynamics of linguistic representations in morphology Prof. Dr. Lameli Denise Jung
B1 Dynamics of phonological representations in language acquisition Prof. Dr. Domahs Francie Höhler
B2 Acquisition of the middle-Franconian tone accent Prof. Dr. Werth Simone Nopens
B3 Modifying representations by manipulations of the learning environment Prof. Dr. Kauschke Alexia Despina Leonidou
C1 Dynamics and stability of regiolect boundaries Prof. Dr. Ganswindt, Prof. Dr. Schmidt Milena Gropp
C2 Winning and losing forms of morpho-syntactic language change Prof. Dr. Cysouw, Prof. Dr. Fischer Maria Luisa Krapp
C3 Variation and change of morpho-syntactic reference Prof. Dr. Fleischer Christin Schütze
C4 Polysemy and imagery as challenge for  mental representations Prof. Dr. Spieß Maike Park
D Levels of descriptions and interactions of linguistic representations Prof. Dr. Kasper Dr. Toke Hoffmeister