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A2 - Dynamics and Stability in Regional-language Variation Spectra of German

The object of study are the difference and identity structures determining the regional language variation spectra of German. Building on the fact that the German variation space is characterized by spatially distinct spectra of varieties and speech levels, this project investigates how these spectra are structured. Special attention is paid to the extent to which different speaker/hearer-based phoneme representations correspond to these different variation spectra, and which communicative features result from it. Furthermore, questions may pertain to whether the previously ascertained dynamics of variation structures are driven by synchronization processes on the micro-level, that is, between individual speakers. To this end, the differing brain processing signatures can be systematically recorded and compared to one another.

Dissertation projects are aimed at doctoral students with interdisciplinary interests in regional-language research/variationist linguistics, particularly in neuro-dialectology. The Research Center's excellent and comprehensive corpora can be used, in addition to the well-equipped laboratories at the Institute for German Language/Research Center »Deutscher Sprachatlas«.

possible topics are:

  • Comprehension and judgement structures in the variation spectra of different regional languages of German.